Moment joins Verizon

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What lies ahead

I have some exciting news to share: Moment is joining the Verizon family.

For over 15 years, we have worked to build a design practice that balances the business, technology, and human elements necessary to bring digital products into the world. Years before the term “digital product design” was coined, Moment was creating a culture that faced off with the highest performing organizations in the world. Industry leaders like ESPN, Bloomberg, Tiffany & Co., American Express, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Johnson & Johnson partnered with us, and we’re immensely proud of the positive impact we have had on those companies and the customers they serve.

Growth has been a major focus for us over the last few years, and even as we’ve grown, it’s become apparent that we can only achieve a portion of what we aspire to do on our own.

Today we are making a bold move to accelerate our growth and ability to create exceptional experiences by aligning with one of the preeminent brands in the country. This move will help us truly realize our potential and achieve some of our longest held business goals: to positively impact the lives of real people and to realize the value of design at scale.

We’re excited to join Verizon in their quest to put customers in control of their connectivity and create breakthrough live and digital experiences. This is what we do every day and we can imagine no better environment to leverage our skills and do our best work. Moreover, we’re inspired to join them in their work to give people the ability to do more through technology.

Although Moment will no longer be taking on new clients, we’ll continue to provide a challenging environment for designers to hone their skills, grow into leaders, and tackle meaningful opportunities in digital products and services. In addition, we’ll continue to engage meaningfully with the design community at large, including our colleagues and friends in the Chicago office who will begin operating independently.

So many people have contributed to our success over the years. While the founding team, Philip Kim, Phil Oye, and I, established our aspirational vision, it was the trust of our current and past clients and business partners who gave us the momentum to grow. I’d like to specifically call out our current leadership team—Alexa Curtis, John Devanney, Shannon O’Brien, Chelsea Russell, and our CEO, Brendan Reynolds—whose diligence and focus have made this opportunity a reality. Finally, thanks to our alumni and the amazing cadre of current Momenteers whose boundless enthusiasm for collaboration has made it all worthwhile. We couldn’t have gotten here without you, any of you.

We are excited about this next chapter and can’t wait to shape what lies ahead, together.

—John Payne, Moment Co-founder & Managing Director


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