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Trade surveillance meets inbox zero

Surveyor embraces the power of big data with a suite of enterprise and consumer products that visualize financial markets like never before. At its core, Surveyor presents manipulative trading events to compliance and regulatory teams and equips them with easy-to-read visualizations for millisecond event analysis. To make Surveyor’s powerful technology more approachable, Moment created a sleek and intuitive visual interface that helps enterprise users and consumers capitalize on the platform’s capabilities.

Project type

  • Evolution
  • Enterprise app


  • Visual systems
  • Brand workshop
  • Visual identity
Moment Trillium Surveyor


The changing state of the trading ecosystem

Electronic trading has dramatically changed financial markets by exponentially increasing buy and sell orders to the tune of one billion orders every day in U.S. equities alone. Along with that order volume comes market manipulation schemes—layering and spoofing—that overwhelm surveillance teams at regulator and brokerage firms. Trillium, a trading firm with a strong track record of building proprietary software to equip trading and operational teams, recognized the potential for a tool that could solve a problem for the industry at large.

False positives previously created by first-generation trade surveillance tools require hundreds of hours to make sense of data from multiple sources. They also introduce an unnecessary level of human-generated risk into a data-driven problem. In order to put compliance officers in control to navigate these challenges, Trillium engaged Moment as an expert design partner, thanks to our longstanding track record of designing data-driven tools for financial professionals.

“Surveyor’s interface is at least ten years ahead of alternative market surveillance tools.”
— Michael Friedman,
Chief Compliance Officer, Trillium


Impressive functionality with a visual interface to match

Through a series of workshops and concept reviews with compliance officers, engineers, and executives, Moment guided the team toward scalable, user-driven solutions that support Surveyor’s robust capabilities, which include full market order data, tailored visual presentations for 20 event types, comprehensive filtering tools to generate reports and respond to inquiries, and much more.

Moment pushed Surveyor’s visual vocabulary to exceed the standards of best-in-class consumer and financial enterprise products. The resulting design system is scalable, ownable, spectacularly functional, and visually impressive on both mobile and desktop platforms.

The Big Ideas

Compliance platforms can be beautiful and easy to use

With a workflow that mimics clearing an email inbox, Surveyor’s queuing of market event data equips compliance officers with an easy replay of review orders that show signs of manipulative trading practices. With the four key principles below, we helped position Surveyor to stand out as the go-to tool for financial professionals.


Easy, like email

Complex tasks needn’t require a complex interface. Compliance officers should be able to focus on the task at hand, not a learning curve.


Visual design as differentiator

Functionality aside, Surveyor’s typography, color, and visual systems stand out in a space filled with unpleasant interfaces and positions them for success.


Varying users in mind

From a trader's six-screen array to a regulator's laptop, Surveyor's workspace is configurable for any workflow. By making components modular, users take advantage of the parts they use most.


Understand the ecosystem

Surveyor is a key tool in a compliance officer’s workflow, but it’s part of a larger puzzle. Understanding user needs helped scope the project to fit within many organizational workflows, and meet Trillium’s marketing objectives.



Exponential risk reduction

The work Moment did on Surveyor aids financial institutions in managing their exposure to risk, regulatory fines, and prosecution, ultimately affecting their bottom line. For enterprise users, Surveyor is a significant time-saver; its algorithms reduce the number of false-positive events to review by 10 – 100x.


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