The industry's transformation will be led by patients

The weight exerted on an already overburdened healthcare system is forcing the industry to innovate more quickly than it ever has. Finding new ways to better extend healthcare out of hospitals and doctors’ offices and into our homes is mission-critical. The shift in responsibility from the medical system to the patient will change healthcare as we know it. New technology will bring physical therapy into the home and give patients tools to self-record data, but can it do so without overburdening the patient’s already busy life? Everything from filling prescriptions to how we find physicians, pay for medical care, and “visit” a doctor has already changed dramatically in the past few years. The pace of change will continue to increase over the next decade as the Affordable Care Act goes into effect more fully. Innovative hospitals and healthcare companies willing to embrace new processes and technology and empower the patient will excel in their industries and design can help get them there.



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