Design Management Office

What’s next for the business of design

The Project Management Office (PMO), is a construct known by managers everywhere that operates separately from individual projects to set standards, develop tools, and coordinate efforts in complex environments. Based on our design leadership experience and collaboration with dozens of Fortune 500 clients, we’ve defined the Design Management Office (DMO). This concept parallels the PMO with an eye toward customer experience to help large, complex organizations capitalize on the value of design. The tangible results created through a DMO are far-reaching and long-lasting. Projects are shaped faster and completed quicker via more effective team contributions, the quality of work improves by establishing and distributing consistent standards that also provide structured learning opportunities, and the impact of broader and deeper customer empathy throughout an enterprise can be observed and measured more clearly.


  1. The Design Management Framework
  2. The Design Management Office: Delivering the value of design at scale

Design Management Office

The Design Management Framework

Process, People, and Projects.

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Design Management Office

Delivering the value of design at scale

It’s time for designers to step up and deliver.

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