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Redefining Moment

The story behind Moment's new identity.

Jacob Pastrovich December 2, 2016

For well over a decade, we’ve worked with clients to redefine what lies ahead. We’ve been around for bubbles that inflated, then burst. We’ve seen unprecedented shifts in our economic, technology, business, and cultural landscapes. We’ve contributed to the disruption of industries and helped to change people’s lives. Through it all, we’ve grown, stayed true to our core values, and gotten stronger and bolder. We’ve helped clients tune out the static, find what matters, and chart a better future for themselves and their customers.

To ensure that we continue to exceed expectations, we’ve redefined who we are as a company and are very proud of this new chapter. Recently, we recalibrated inside and out. Our brand overhaul consisted of a new visual identity and brand system, as well as a complete website makeover and a more impactful brand position.

What’s in a name

Moment’s history as a company has always been deeply rooted in utilizing design to shape the future for our clients. The story behind our name mirrors the work we do and is best articulated by one of our founders and managing directors, John Payne: “People live their lives as fluid experiences, but remember them in moments. When you break experiences down into moments, you have more control. Problems become more manageable.”

It’s that breaking down of wicked problems into smaller ones that has always been in our DNA. It’s also these moments—no matter how big or small—that have far-reaching effects. New opportunities constantly arise for the clients we work with, and it’s that future that we look toward to help change the world and build lasting value.

Moment’s original logo from 2002 was sophisticated and understated. It reflected the behind-the-scenes role we played in our clients’ successes. While we maintain this commitment to our clients, our perspective and expertise in design and strategy are sought out by some of the biggest brands out there. We outgrew our reputation as a small quiet company, and clients turned to us for answers and guidance. We needed to ensure our brand identity reflected who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going, hence the refresh and new brand system.

Moment’s original logo lock-ups (2002), with secondary M-icon (2012)

In 2012, the secondary M-icon snuck into our brand lexicon, gaining traction after being created as a graphic for internal company swag. The boldness and playfulness of the “M” resonated with our culture, but no matter what we tried, it could never live comfortably with our primary word mark, signaling a rift between our culture and our visual identity.

Our new logo

The M-wave icon found in our logo speaks to natural cycles and moments in time. An abstracted “M” is also found in the form.

The initial inspiration behind our new logo and M-wave icon came from a graph we often reference. It illustrates technology’s exponential growth against the ebb and flow of our expectations as humans of technology over time.

The initial inspiration behind the M-wave icon

Sometimes our excitement outpaces technology itself, sometimes the two intersect, and sometimes technology outpaces our ability as humans to adapt. It’s in the constant state of change that Moment thrives. We help our clients recognize and understand patterns in order to arrive at solutions that will help redefine what lies ahead for them. So we asked ourselves, what if the Moment brand could communicate this harmonization of patterns between people and technology?

This is who we are. It’s more than a logo. To us, it’s a symbol of our changing company, striving to succeed in an unpredictable world. It’s our mark of distinction, and it represents everything we’ve built.


Jacob Pastrovich

Director of Marketing