Moment Future of Transportation Ticketing

Flexible currencies offer a seamless ticketing experience

Ticketing is a pain point across mass transit. The purchasing process can be stressful (especially for tourists) and issues of affordability can arise for lower-income riders.

While lightweight, high-speed ticketing alternatives are already in use in the private transport sector (e.g. palm-scan fast-track lanes at airports), they could have similar benefits for public transit. On the affordability side, the emergence of alternative payment systems (e.g. bitcoin payment, charity work to offset transit costs, etc.) could inspire new ways for consumers to afford mass transit while potentially giving back. We asked: Could the overall ticketing experience be improved if we combined this new technology and an alternative payment system?

For the users

  • Reduces or eliminates entry traffic into stations while providing payment flexibility that is convenient and more affordable for lower-income customers.

For the industry

  • Ease inspires increased ridership and equates in maximized revenue. Losses from unpaid rides are minimized and efficiency of mass transit staff increases.

Tech Possibilities

Near future

  • Customized payment systems based on income and travel patterns
  • Payment apps on scannable, lightweight wearables

Mid future

  • Smart codes synced to payment apps
  • Alternative transit currencies, such as credits from charity work

Far future

  • Biometric entry
Moment Future of Transportation Ticketing Process

Seamless entry

Alice takes the train to meet friends before class. She has recently completed several hours of charity work, for which she has been awarded credits to use on mass transit. As she boards the train, her smartband is scanned and her fare is paid using the pre-selected payment method.

Moment Future of Transportation Ticketing

Invisible transactions

Alice’s friend Tessa decides to take the bus to class. She boards in the back of the bus for more room and pays via her fingerprint as she takes her seat.

Moment Future of Transportation Ticketing

Flexible currencies

Tessa is alerted that her account balance is too low to pay for her bus fare. From her seat, Tessa uses her smartphone to switch her payment method, and relaxes for the rest of the trip.

Moment Future of Transportation Ticketing

What could the future of transportation look like?

Redefining the future of mass transit through emerging technology and trends

To increase public mass transit ridership, embracing and harnessing emerging technologies will create adaptive and efficient systems that will provide additional value and enjoyment for riders. Moment has taken the first steps by exploring the possibilities in five key areas of impact: shared space, productivity, safety and supervision, ticketing, and wayfinding.

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