Moment Future of Transportation Safety

Safer journeys for kids through built-in sensors

As more households feature two working parents, coordinating transportation for children has become a source of stress. Safety concerns push many parents toward on-demand, personal transportation for their kids, even though this is typically expensive and provides fewer opportunities to teach independence. For lower-income parents, public transit is often the only option, despite safety concerns.

The tracking potential offered by smart devices has already been leveraged in industries like fitness and retail via RFID and beacon technology. With that in mind, we asked: What would it look like if the same technology acted as a communication tool between parents and kids?

For the users

  • Gives parents peace of mind while their children learn to navigate transit independently.

For the industry

  • Increases ridership as more parents trust the transit system, while also preparing more children to transition into lifelong transit customers.

Tech Possibilities

Near future

  • Comprehensive wifi service in dead zones

Mid future

  • Wearable tracking apps linked with infrastructure sensors

Far future

  • Digital AI guides for children on mass transit
Moment Future of Transportation Safety and Supervision Process

Quick, comprehensive communication

Rose is facing an unexpected late night at work, and won’t be able to pick up her daughter after a soccer game at a neighboring school. She sends Jane a message instructing her to take the train home via a preferred route.


Relevant notifications from smart infrastructure

Jane’s wearables interact with station infrastructure as she travels, providing her mother with updates. Rose knows when her daughter boards the train, which car she is in, any potential service delays, and her ETA.


Real-time updates

When Jane exits the train earlier than expected to hang out with a friend, Rose is automatically alerted with her daughter’s updated route.


What could the future of transportation look like?

Redefining the future of mass transit through emerging technology and trends

To increase public mass transit ridership, embracing and harnessing emerging technologies will create adaptive and efficient systems that will provide additional value and enjoyment for riders. Moment has taken the first steps by exploring the possibilities in five key areas of impact: shared space, productivity, safety and supervision, ticketing, and wayfinding.

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